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Got Time & Talent? Volunteer!

We need people for all sorts of things. Earn rewards for the time you give!

  • 30 hrs = Volunteer T-shirt
  • 60 hrs = Individual Membership
  • 90 hrs = 25% Discount on D.C. Merchandise

Who can volunteer? We have volunteers that get senior discounts and volunteers that are still being potty trained. We have professionals working on projects in their extra time and students building up what they can put on their college application. Basically, if you have a pulse and are willing, we would love to have you help!


*web design / MySpace pg *grant writing *filing *web research
*education booths *calling schools *fundraising *recycle collection
*data entry *yard maintenance *truck maintenance *other

Items in bold are ones we really need help with right now. The others are on hold until we move into our new office area. Hopefully, that will be very soon!


What is it Like to Volunteer for DARLING CETACEANS? Ask a Volunteer!


Brandon W., Age 18

One summer day, I was the spectator to a Muskegon Summer Celebration Parade. This is where I noticed a peculiar RV that was embellished with marine mammals, which really tantalized my imagination... As a volunteer for D.C., one can participate in a variety of activities. For example, a volunteer for this organization can help research about whales and dolphins. They also can use their artistic abilities to create banners and decorate the RV for parades, such as the Coast Guard Festival in Grand Haven.

My experiences with D.C. have also included being a facilitator in community events that the organization participates in. In other words, I have helped set up tables, chairs, tents and other equipment for events. Mr. Darling encourages volunteers, such as myself, to challenge themselves by working on creative, complex tasks. Most important, I have been given the opportunity to be a leader.

(Brandon's complete article is published in the Oct. '07 issue of Marine Mammal Milestones.)



Sarah H., Age 15

For one of my high school classes, I had to do 10 hours of community service.  I had thought about it and was curious about Joel and Jennifer's organization, DARLING CETACEANS. I asked them and they thought it was a great idea. Although, they liked to joke about how I had to do community service, I had a great time. It was also  great opportunity to get to know them, and for them to get to know me.  I worked on their website, created recycling boxes, sorted sea shells, and all different things.

Now that my project for my class is over, I will try to continue working for them. It does not just look good on a college application, but is a great organization to work for. I had a great time working with them, while getting to know them and I hope to be more involved as I get older.

(Sarah's complete comments have been published in a past issue of Marine Mammal Milestones.)


Katelyn R., Age 16

DARLING CETACEANS is a great organization that teaches people, young and old, the importance of recycling, keeping the environment clean, and letting kids of all ages learn about the different animals in the waters of the world. I've had the opportunity to volunteer for D.C. a few times. My favorite (and first) time I helped them out was for the Keep Boerne Beautiful campaign. I met some awesome people and helped make my home town gorgeous.

(Katelyn was a volunteer when D.C. was located in Boerne, Texas. She still keeps in touch with us and wrote this in '06)



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