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What IS a Whale? (gr. K-2)

A wonderful introduction to the world of whales! Using hands-on materials children will compare dolphins to fish, practice counting pods of whales, compare the size of whales to objects they know and much more.


Group size: 5 to 25

Cost: 1st Program = $100 + mileage

Time: 50 min.


  Whale in a Box (gr. 3-5)

Children are provided a box with a secret item inside. Each child takes turns opening their box and showing the class what they have. The instructor will then talk about that item and demonstrate how it relates to whales and dolphins. Some examples include; a map, to show migration routes; and rope, to show length of species. Also, a whale tooth, to talk about how whales eat.


Group size: 10 to 25

Cost: 1st Program = $100 + mileage

Time: 50 min.









We have Adult Programs, too!

Choose Your Adventure (gr. 6-8)

Students are provided a list of topics about cetaceans and they are allowed to choose which topics they wish to learn about. The instructor will cover as many topics as time permits. Included are "What are Marine Mammals," "Animals in the Gulf of Mexico," "How to Become a Marine Biologist,"    and "Baleen, Teeth & Sonar."


Group size: 5 to 50

Cost: 1st Program = $100 + mileage

Time: 50 min.


  Marine Careers (gr. 6-12)

Where should I go to college? How much will I be paid? What is a marine career? All these questions and more will be answered during this presentation. Students will learn about a variety of careers that relate to the ocean; including being a Marine Biologist, joining the Marines, or working on a cruise line. Future engineers, Artists, Accountants, and Gardeners will also learn how to apply their abilities and interests in a non-traditional and fun manner. This presentation uses PowerPoint for part of the program.


Group size: 5 to 50

Cost: 1st Program = $100 + mileage

Time: 50 min.


  Stormy Reading Program (gr. K-2)

This special program encourages reading through the telling of a true story about an injured dolphin. Stormy, a bottlenose dolphin, stranded on the Texas coast. His story has been made into a children's book called "Stranded, Stormy's Adventure." You will receive a copy of this book and children will be encouraged to read it. Students will also learn about whales and dolphins as they see and touch artifacts.


Group size: 10-100

Cost: 1st Program = $85 + mileage

Time: 30 min.


Fitting in Their Genes: Pinniped Problems 

(gr. 9-12)

Adapted from a Project WILD activity, this program looks at genetic versus environmental factors of the California Sea Lion. Working in groups, students will calculate the genetic diversity of a population and evaluate its ability to survive in a particular environmental situation. Disciplines used include analysis, application, description and evaluation. Topics include biodiversity, interdependence and sustainability.


Group size: 16-32

Cost: 1st Program = $100 + mileage

Time: 45 min.



Surely, You're Smarter Than a 5th Grader (gr. 6-12)

Who will win the title of Sea Royalty and go home with a prize? Two contestants compete, answering questions about marine mammals in nine subjects, including Science, Social Studies and Lunch. If the student gets stuck, they can cheat off classmates. The champion  of this amusing game takes home a book and the title.

Group size: 6-100

Cost: 1st Program = $100

Time: 60 min.

  Marine Debris (K-8)

How does discarded trash end up in the ocean? Why do sandwich bags kill sea turtles? Can fishing line be recycled? How can I use six-pack rings to play sports? What can I do with my beat up, 'ol sneakers? Each part of "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" is emphasized. The program varies depending on age of students. This is perfect for environmental club meetings and assemblies.

Group size: 5-100

Cost: 1st Program = $100 + mileage

Time: 45 min. (basic) / 90 min. (extended)




Search for Dugong's Treasure (gr. 1-4)

Join Pirate Barbatus as he hunts for his Great Great Great Great Great Uncle Dugong's hidden treasure. A walrus, manatee and beachcomber help him figure out the clues on the Treasure Map left behind.


Group Size: 10-250

Cost: 1st Program = $150 + mileage

Time: 50 min.




  New In Development


Polar Bear in Peril


Learn how global warming threatens the diet and habitat of polar bears through the story of a bear named Ursus.


Group Size: 10-250

Cost: 1st Program = $150 + mileage 


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Discounts available for multiple programs at same location on the same day.

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Girl Scout Badges & Fun Patches


Water, Water Everywhere Badge -

  • Brownies.

  • Badges are earned at the Kiskey Science Center in Muskegon.

  • Next Date: May 1, 2009. 4-6pm.

  • Group size is Min. 40, Max 100.

  • $5.50 per scout.

  • Contact Jennifer at research@darlingcetaceans.com to schedule.

Water Wonders Badge -

  • Juniors.

  • Badges are earned at a beach site along Muskegon Lake.

  • Dates available for 2010 are Apr. 10, May 8, & June 12. Time is 9am to 12pm.

  • Group size is Min. 5, Max 15.    

  • $5.00 per scout.

  • Contact Jennifer at research@darlingcetaceans.com to reserve your date.

Marine Mammal Fun Patch -

  • Brownies & Juniors.

  • Earn 3 separate fun patches that make 1 big Marine Mammal Patch. Individual patches are Soft & Silly Seals, World of Whales, and Mermaids & Manatees.

  • Patches are earned at the Kiskey Science Center/Betsey Cutler House in Muskegon.

  • $5.50 per scout.

  • Contact our Education Team at education@darlingcetaceans.com for complete schedule & to make reservations.


Adult Programming

Grown ups don't have to miss out on the fun. We also offer programs for Nature Clubs, Chambers, Rotary Clubs, Dive Clubs, Senior Centers, and any other adults who want to learn more about their world. Programs use PowerPoint, but don't worry - you'll be given the chance to see and touch cool things, too! Choose between Endangered Zone (our most popular), Marine Mammals of the Gulf of Mexico & What is DARLING CETACEANS?

Cost: $100 = 50 min.



Here's What Educators Are Saying About Our K-12 Programs...

"Great concepts! What a great way to relate the concepts to children." - Elementary Teacher

"Interaction with the students - SUPER! Encouraged students to participate in discussions." - Jr. High Teacher

"Great lesson and great message! Gives students a sense of ownership in the school and environment." - Elementary Principal

"Excellent presentation. This presentation was very hands-on which was very important for my students."       - Elementary Teacher

"Very interesting and thought provoking." - Jr. High Teacher

"This was an awesome program for the students. The kids truly enjoyed the program and learned lots of information and concepts at the same time. I was really impressed with this program!"  - Elementary Teacher

"That was the best, knowledgeable an funniest play that has ever been played in the history of Andersonville Elementary." Student (Search for Dugong's Treasure)


K-12 programs were initially designed to support the state standards of Texas in Science, Math, and Language Arts. All standards meet or exceed national standards.




Scheduling Information

Telephone: 231-288-0999

Email: education@darlingcetaceans.com

Contact us for a cost quote and availability. We travel anywhere in the USA from Michigan.

Discounts available for multiple programs at the same location on the same day.



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