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Here are some hot issues about marine mammals. We take points from both sides, dispute erroneous information and present complete facts. That way, you can decide for yourself what you believe is right; for personal, ethical, economical, cultural or whatever reasons.

  We apologize for not getting these posted sooner. Please continue to be patient as we develop these articles. 12/05/08

  • Captivity Controversy - Should dolphins be raised in captivity? Are their brains hurt by the echolocation off cement walls? Do dolphins live longer in the wild?


  • Tuna Fishing - Large nets are needed to gather enough fish to meet the demands of seafood lovers. Is it worth the death of whales and other endangered species?


  • Hunting Harbor Seals - Is the increased population of seals detrimental to fish stocks? Should the cute, defenseless creatures be killed for population control and food?


  • Manatee Management - Should the Florida manatee be removed from the endangered species list? Should the boating laws designed for their safety still be enforced? Should government spend money to protect these creatures?


  • Commercial Whaling - Is whaling still an important part of culture? Do we need to practice whaling to gain valuable information about cetaceans?

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