Green Citizens

We are focused on making sure our community does not become so polluted that laws must be implemented in our county. To accomplish this we support & implement programs, encourage & provide ideas on being green, & assist you any way we can.  



Green Office

DARLING CETACEANS takes 'reduse, reuse, recycle' to heart.

These are a few things we've done in our office. What can you do in yours?

  1. Replace light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs
  2. Buy recycled products; like ink cartridges, toilet paper, paper towels, Post-It Notes, copy paper, file folders, pens, pencils, etc
  3. Bring ink cartridges to Office Depot or OfficeMax to be recycled & for a discount on new ink. Joined the Staples Ink Rewards program to buy anything in the store
  4. Save t.p. rolls, containers and other items to give to youth programs for crafts
  5. Use scrap paper for printing or to write notes on
  6. Turn electronics off when leaving the room
  7. Use scrap paper for shipping, or reuse peanuts sent in boxes to us (put them in Subway bags to prevent mess)
  8. Keep real plants that require little water (fake is bad to produce & does not provide oxygen)
  9. Use grocery bags in gift shop
  10. Use rechargeable batteries in everything from our digital camera to our dolphin cookie jar
  11. Ride bike to post office, instead of driving (weather permitting)
  12. Pack a lunch in Tupperware style containers
  13. Keep paper products (cups, plate & bowls) in break room, instead of styrofoam
  14. Place boxes under desks for paper recycling and have a central bin to have them emptied in to
  15. Donate old, working equipment to non-profit organizations (computers, printers, copiers)
  16. Insulate outlets on outside walls to reduce air/heat use
  17. Buy refurbished printers and Energy Star computers



Green RVing

DARLING CETACEANS takes 'reduse, reuse, recycle' to heart, even on the road.

These are a few things we've done while traveling. If you have other ideas, please let us know... we'd love to share.

  1. Keep 1 trash can for mixed recyclables. Empty anywhere you see collection bins, so it doesn't get overfilled.
  2. Use a set of real dishes (inexpensive) that can be washed, rather than disposable dishware.
  3. Make sure the vehicle is tuned up, to reduce fuel emissions.
  4. Open windows, rather than run a/c whenever possible.
  5. Open shades for natural lighting, rather than keeping lights on
  6. Wash a/c filters when dirty, instead of buying new ones each time.
  7. Use a bucket of water to wash vehicle, instead of running the hose. Just use H2O... no chemicals.
  8. Turn cereal and other food boxes inside out (re-tape them closed) to ship videos, books, etc.
  9. Only extend slide-outs fully when needed. The extra room is more space to heat or cool.
  10. Use biodegradable "poop bags" to clean up after the 4-pawed companions.


Aluminum to Ink

In Boerne, Texas, DARLING CETACEANS began a pilot program to encourage small businesses to begin recycling. In just over a year, over 400 lbs of aluminum cans were saved from going to the landfill, thanks to the cooperation of 10 area businesses. At least 2 of those businesses are still recycling, even though we have have discontinued the program. 

In Muskegon, Michigan, DARLING CETACEANS is going a different route. Soon, we will begin placing collection boxes in area businesses for ink cartridges and cell phones. Not only will this encourage businesses to keep stuff out of landfills, it will also help us raise a little money. If you're in Muskego County & wish to participate, please contact.

The Muskegon County Convention & Visitor's Bureau is the 1st business to be part of the ink recycling program. Thank you CVB!

Lakeshore Earth Day Committee is now on board. This is a group of area businesses that plan annual festivities for our community.






Green Events

Last year, lD.C. competed in the 4th Annual Outhouse 500 in Coopersville, Michigan. While other outhouses were made from new wood, metal and other materials, D.C. made ours entirely from recycled or reused materials. Some examples include the wood from old palettes (skids), the nails carefully removed from the skids to reuse, the barnacles made from egg cartons, the pictures cut from an old calendar, and the sea stars made from scrap felt. Even the towel bar came from the Habitat Re-use Store, where it was donated from an old house. Consider reusing and recycling for your projects. It saved us over $100.

Watch a Video on YouTube




We're at it again! Started by DARLING CETACEANS in Boerne, Texas, this program was transferred to the Keep Boerne Beautiful organization. Now D.C. will start it again in Muskegon, Michigan. We are on the look-out for regular citizens in Muskegon County who do something positive for the environment. Anything from picking up a piece of trash in a parking lot to using recycled paper in your office. If we catch you doing something positive, you will be entered to win the Green Citizen Award. So think and act green! Click the link below to read about past recipients.

If you do not live in Muskegon, we may still take notice. We are always on the go and take notice of the good things we see going on around the country. While you will not be eligible for our Green Citizen Award, you may still get mentioned. Check out the link below to view past mentions.

Click here to view Green Citizens and why they were awarded.



Taste of Muskegon, 2009




Recycling at Fairs & Festivals:

D.C. has 15 large recycle bins and about 20 recycle buckets (5 gallon, pictured above) that anyone in Muskegon & surrounding counties may borrow to use at your festivals or public events.

We can also offer suggestions, should you wish to get recycling started at your event.

Contact: education@darlingcetaceans.com





  • Products - These companies produce products that are either environmentally friendly, made from recycled materials or provide safer alternatives. Links are provided for ones that have supported D.C.
    • Seventh Generation - laundry detergent, napkins and other home use products
    • Clothes Made From Scrap - hats, shirts, bags, etc made from recycled plastic & cotton
    • RecycleProducts.Com - hundreds of fun products made from recycled plastic, metal, rubber, and denim. D.C. has not used this company.
    • Tupperware - reusable containers for food and perishables
    • EarthTronics - light bulbs, small electric motors, & home wind turbines
    • Carpet Bonanza Discount Flooring - recycled carpet
    • Eco-Systems - sustainable exhibit displays, including boards &  pop-up banners


  • Organizations/Clubs- People making a difference in their communities. Links are provided for ones that D.C. has had connections with (if they have a web site).
    • Keep Boerne Beautiful - an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful that D.C. worked with.
    • KLEAN Team - club at Kendall Elementary that collects paper & grocery bags.
    • Corporate Recycling Council of SA - A group of public and private companies in the San Antonio area that meet to discuss environmental responsibility in businesses.
    • Lakeshore Earth Day Task Force - a grp of individuals & organizations that organize yearly events to celebrate Earth Day in West Michigan.
    • Muskegon Save Our Shoreline - seeks to preserve the Muskegon shoreline.
    • Muskegon Lake Watershed Partnership
    • North Ottawa Sustainability Coalition
    • Muskegon Area Sustainability Coalition


  • Where to Bring It - These are places to take your recycling & what they take (when we have the info). To have your community added, just send us the info.
    • Muskegon County, MI
      • Allied Waste/Sunset Waste Services (paper, glass, metals, plastics)

        Allied Waste  

      • Louis Padnos Iron & Metal Co. (iron & other scrap metals)
      • Habitat Re-Store (lumber, windows, plumbing & other items in good shape)
      • Muskegon Conservation District (AA, AAA, computer & other batteries)
    • Ottawa County, MI
      • Ottawa Cty Resource Recovery Service Ctrs (paper, glass, metals, plastics)

        Ottawa - Front Ottawa - Back




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