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Obtaining an Annual Membership is a great way to support the goals of DARLING CETACEANS! Membership is open to any person who shares the goals of DARLING CETACEANS to educate people about marine mammals and the environment. It is inexpensive and has perks!

Get your membership now by filling out the Contribution Form!


Did you know that some well-known non-profits want you as a member, so they can sell your information to other organizations? We neither purchase or sell member information and feel it is an unethical practice. We want you as a member because we want to share our love of marine mammals with you!

Individual/Classroom  $25

  • Quarterly newsletter (Jan, Apr, July & Oct)
  • Decal
  • 10% off a single education program
  • free gift
Family/ Small Business  $50
  • Quarterly newsletter (Jan, Apr, July & Oct)
  • 2 Decals
  • 20% off a single education program
  • 2 free gifts


Corporate Sponsor
  • Everything in Family level, plus
  • Name listed on web site
  • Name listed in newsletter
  • Company logo printed on banner (updated annually)
  • Sponsorship of school programs (4 classes per $500)

Sea otter = $500+ / Vaquita = $1000+  / Sea lion = $2000+  /  Manatee = $5000  /  Blue whale = $10000


Download a free sample of Marine Mammal Milestones, our quarterly newsletter

Vol 1, Issue 2

Each newsletter focuses on a certain animal species and contains facts, current issues, and games/activities about that animal. It is a great way for people of all ages to learn more about these magnificent creatures. Also included are aquarium reviews, volunteer reports, updates on D.C., and many other items.  


Want a FREE Individual Membership? This is all you have to do...

1. Print off 4 Contribution Forms

2. Have 3 persons fill out a Contribution Form and provide payment

3. Fill out the 4th Contribution Form with your information.

4. Mail all 4 Forms (w/ 3 payments) to D.C. @

1934 E. Apple Ave., #212

Muskegon, Michigan   49442

Once we receive your envelope, we will immediately make you a member for 1 year!



 Your support will cause us to celebrate!


For questions about memberships or volunteering email

or call 231-288-0999


Do you know how non-profits use your donations? Some spend as much as 80% on fundraising.

That means for every $20 you donate, only $4 actually goes to support the cause.

Not here! When you donate to DARLING CETACEANS, 100% goes towards education and basic operations (minus the bumper sticker and newsletter postage, if you become a member).

We don't even have staff to pay, yet. 



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