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Society for Marine Mammalogy

SMM was created as a source of marine mammal information related to the conservation and management of marine mammal resources. SMM gathers and disseminates science information through publications and meetings.

DARLING CETACEANS' President, Joel Darling, maintains a life membership. Unfortunately, DARLING CETACEANS was unable to attend the conference in South Carolina in 2003 due to a shortage of funds and were not be able to attend the one in Cape Town in December of 2007 for the same reason. In 2005, Joel and Jennifer took a break from the 'Walruses & Whales on Wheels' trip to attend the conference in San Diego. It proved to be an invaluable experience that allowed D.C. to make connections to scientists world-wide and learn about the latest research first-hand. It is our dream to have 4 reps attend the one in Quebec, December 2009.


Volunteer Muskegon

Volunteer Muskegon is an organization that coordinates, screens, and connects youth & adult citizens with volunteer opportunities in Muskegon. Their Retired Senior Volunteer Program (R.S.V.P.) has special benefits for senior age persons who wish to serve their community. D.C. uses this organization to recruit help for some of our projects and takes advantage of any training they offer on how to better equip and show appreciation of all our volunteers. D.C. also participates in and offers council for events that Volunteer Muskegon hosts that are eco-conscious, such as The Human Race.   

Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network

TMMSN is a state-wide, volunteer based, stranding response organization. It is the only organization responsible for rescue and rehabilitation of marine mammals in Texas. The organization is divided into regions along the 1,000 mile coast to facilitate quick response of animal rescues. Rehabilitation is conducted in either Brownsville, Port Aransas or Galveston.

Joel & Jennifer Darling have been active members since 1996, working with bottlenose dolphins, melonheaded whales, and a spinner dolphin. They maintain a life membership, as well as volunteer whenever they are able, and sell the book 'Stranded, Stormy's Adventure,' that's proceeds go directly to TMMSN.

DARLING CETACEANS also conducts an education program entitled "Stormy Reading Program." This program not only promotes reading, but educates children about the work of stranding networks with special emphasis about the Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network, who is responsible for the rehabilitation of the dolphin dubbed Stormy. Children across Texas, Tennessee, Arkansas & Ohio have learned about TMMSN and have read 'Stranded, Stormy's Adventure' thanks to the efforts of DARLING CETACEANS.


















Earth Day Task Force

Created to highlight awareness about crucial environmental issues, the Earth Day Task Force combines some of the greatest minds from Tri-Cities organizations to implement a special day of events for the community. Non-profits, for profits and anyone applying green concepts is invited to participate during the festivities. The once-per-year affair takes a lot of planning, but results in much fun through a Green Parade, Earth Rock, games, info booths and more. The Task Force has done the hard work for years. DARLING CETACEANS is delighted to join the Force and help expand the reach to Muskegon. 


Coopersville Area Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce exists to facilitate business-to-business connections, as well as help businesses in the area learn the "how to" of a variety of topics, so members will be successful in their endeavors.

DARLING CETACEANS became a member of this organization last year an hopes to take full advantage of the benefits it has to offer. In February, we participated in the Outhouse 500, organized by the Coopersville Chamber & won the Chamber's Choice Award.


Muskegon Community College Nature Club

MCC's Nature Club (formerly Biology Club) was created to "promote and increase biological and ecological awareness and education within the club and local community through discussions, field trips, community service, seminars, and activism concerning   local issues."

In January, 2010 DARLING CETACEANS became partners with the club to help foster relationships between students and community organizations and help the students work on service projects that have a real impact.  One of the topics the students will be working on is the invasion of Asian Carp to the Great Lakes. 




Informal Science Educators Association

ISEA is a partnership of formal (school teachers) and informal (zoos, museums, etc) educators in Texas that work to improve science education. We recognize the important role of informal science institutions to provide science and math curriculum outside the classroom.

Besides meeting annually with educators from across Texas, DARLING CETACEANS meets regularly with local ISEA members; including the Boys & Girls Club- San Antonio, Cibolo Nature Center, City of San Antonio- Parks & Recreation, Environmental Literacy Project, Keep San Antonio Beautiful, San Antonio Water Systems, San Antonio Zoo, Texas Parks & Wildlife, and Texas Wildlife Association.



Keep Boerne Beautiful

KBB is an environmental education source for the Kendall County Community. Hosting clean-ups, promoting recycling, sharing resources and identifying potential beautification projects are a few of the areas the young group works on.

DARLING CETACEANS had a representative on the KBB Board since about 6 months after its creation until transferring to Michigan and helped the organization become a 501(c)(3) non-profit.




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